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I developped an application (spring, hibernate) and i must convert it to liferay Project

how i can do it?

please could you help me thank you.

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A solution would be to build your application using Spring Portlet MVC, the Portlet version of Spring MVC. Then you will be able to deploy your application as a Portlet on Liferay.

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Spring hibernate and liferay have nothing in common.

Spring and hibernate are frameworks : one for managing bean, other for database mapping (orm).

Liferay is a portal.

So you can't migrate automatically a project to liferay.

BUT, you can :

  • integrate your project using social widgets into a liferay portal
  • if your project have some standard portlets, you should have no problem to copy them in a liferay environment
  • for other case, you will need to rewrite your code to adapt to liferay api
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thank you for help, i developed a web application jee using hibernate and spring but i must convert it to liferay project, it haven't the some standard portlets and i can't rewrite the code and for integrate my project to liferay portal how can i do it? – achref05 Jan 21 '13 at 17:51
search social widgets to include your project as is into a liferay portal. – Jerome Cance Jan 22 '13 at 7:17

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