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Is there a way to have a Windows Explorer on WPF? The closes I can get is the Web Browser, but it's not really what I need.

Please assist.


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Check these out -


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Oops, this was asked a year ago! is it still okay if I answer this? – Dheeraj Kumar Jun 11 '10 at 12:30
I like your second link, what a nice example. – jpierson Oct 26 '10 at 18:27

Check out the explorer browser control in the Windows API Code Pack. Compatible with Vista and 7, I believe.

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I was about to suggest that, but it is a WinForms control, not WPF... however it could be used with a WindowsFormsHost – Thomas Levesque Sep 18 '09 at 13:31
Crap, it is? Damnit... – Will Sep 18 '09 at 14:01
It is fine, I can still use that on WPF...but does Windows XP support that if I code it this way? – PlayKid Sep 21 '09 at 20:02
Dunno. You'll have to test it. – Will Sep 22 '09 at 13:01

Something like FolderView.WPF Control and FileView.WPF Control?

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I've looked at both already, they are good, however, they need money...I rather stick to something free.... – PlayKid Sep 21 '09 at 20:12
This is not a native WPF Control and has some focusing issues among other issues. – Blake Niemyjski May 1 '12 at 12:23

I have written a WinForms library that might help. It's not WPF but you can host it in a WPF application.

You can find the library at:

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You can also check this out. It's fresh to the market and you'll need to pay, but it was designed to be identical in every way to the Windows Explorer Chrome:

The controls you get for free from WPF look like crap. They are only meant to get developers started.

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this might help:

 var ofd = new Microsoft.Win32.OpenFileDialog()
      Filter = "Fichiers vidéos (*.avi)|*.avi|Tous les fichiers (*.*)|*.*"
 if (ofd.ShowDialog() ?? false)
      var d = ofd.FileNames;
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