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I have got a list of strings, taken from the selectorText of many CSSRule, the strings has the general form (not sure about that RegEx):

".selector1 .elementClass[, ]*"

Concrete Examples are the following:

".point.lackofclearance .stand_b, .point.lackofclearance .stand_c"
".point .path_a,.point .path,.point .stand"
".blink_on .point.direction_open .stand"
".blink_off .point.a_in_ratc_selection .path_a, .blink_off .point

Now, out of such strings, interesting are those containing the string "point", and out of those string that contain the string "point", I am interested in the substring coming immediately after ".point." and before the next space character. They represent states of Elements that I would like to read.

For example:

From ".point" there is no such substring to extract, and from ".point .path_a,.point .path,.point .stand" also, nothing to extract, because ".point." doesn't exist as one piece at all. BUT for ".point.lackofclearance .stand_b, .point.lackofclearance .stand_c" I would like to extract "lackofclearance" , the first and second occurence of it, of course.

I have an idea in my head already, and that is:

  • Check if the string "point" exists
  • If yes, split the string by ','
  • for each resulting substring, split by '' (space character)
  • for each resulting substring, containing ".point.", split by '.' (dot char)
  • take the second substring of the last split

Does any body has another suggestion, a chic way of doing it, may be shorter, or more efficient, or both... It has to be done in JavaScript, in Chrome, jQuery is available.

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Regular expressions are awesome. You simply look for a literal ".point." followed by a word "\w+". Capture that word with parens (\w+). Then call match on a string, pass in the regex and get the second item of the returned result, which is the captured subgroup word, the thing you want.

var whatWeFound = ".point.omgyesawesome .foo".match(/\.point\.(\w+)/)[1];
console.log(whatWeFound); //=> "omgyesawesome"
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Sorry, the RegEx you provided, returned only the first occurance, so if I have ".point.lackofclearance .stand_b, .point.lackofclearanceCritical .stand_c" , I can only extract lackofclearance, but I also want lackofclearanceCritical. I then tried this /\.point\.(\S+)/g RegEx, I get as a result [".point.lackofclearance", ".point.lackofclearanceCritical"] , not exactly what I want, but I can then apply your RegEx of each, and take what I want –  StaticBug Jan 21 '13 at 19:36
var str = ".point.lackofclearance .stand_b, .point.lackofclearance .stand_c";
var re = /\.point\.(\w+)/g;
var result = [];
var m;
while (m = re.exec(str)) {
// result == ['lackofclearance', 'lackofclearance']
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You can easily use regular expressions for such a task.

var m = selectorText.match(/\.point.\w+/)
for (var i=0; m!=null && i<m.length; i++)
    console.log(m[i].substring(7)); // remove ".point." part
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var strings =  "YOUR_CLASS_STRINGS".split(" ");
var regex = /\.point\.(\S+)/;
var arr = [];

for(x in strings){
    if(regex_string = strings[x].match(regex)){ 

This should result in arr being populated only with the class names the proceed .point.

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Based on the answers given above, I adjusted the RegEx to fit my needs, and this one seems to do the job.


When Applied

".point.vacancy_unknown.direction_open .path_a".match(/\.point\.(.+\s)/)

I get the following result.

[".point.vacancy_unknown.direction_open ", "vacancy_unknown.direction_open "]
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