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I am using the python gdata library to copy and move a google Docs file in a specific folder. I am using the MoveResource method from DocsClient, the file appears in the desired folder, but also stays in the root folder.

I cannot figure out how to remove it from the root folder?!


doc_service = 
doc_service.ClientLogin('myId', 'myPassword', 'myAppName')

# this is my source document
doc = doc_service.GetResourceById('ABC123')

# extracting the folder of my source document to move the copy in the same folder
for parent in doc.InCollections(): 
    if parent.title == 'myFilter':
        destination_folder_id = parent.href.split('%3A')[1]
        destination_folder = doc_service.GetResourceById(destination_folder_id)

# making a copy of my source
newdoc = doc_service.CopyResource(doc, 'Test Python')

# moving my copy to the same folder as my source
# but the copy also stays in the root folder!
moveddoc = doc_service.MoveResource( newdoc, destination_folder )
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You can remove the Google Docs file from the root collection using this code:

doc_service.Delete('' + doc.resource_id.text, force=True)
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