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I want to get a photo in my jsp pages. I implemented the servlet in this way (in doGet method):


byte[] imageData = u.getFoto();




where u is a User type.

My question is: how can I set the src path in my jsp page to retrieve the image from Servlet??

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You would specify the mount point in your web.xml, with something like this:


That will take the servlet named MyServlet and mount it to /img/myservlet. Then, in your jsp you would just use an img tag pointing to the url-pattern specified above.

<img src="/img/myservlet" />

Note: if your webapp is not mounted to /, you will also need to specify the contextPath for the application in the path.

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It does work but without '/' before img. Thanks a lot!!! – Gio Jan 21 '13 at 22:58

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