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Rails 3.2.11

I followed the instructions for this gem: When I load the page that I want to have the autocompleted field, Jquery, jquery-ui, autocomplete-rails.js, etc are all being loaded. However, upon loading the page, I get this in the error console:

TypeError: 'undefined' is not a function (evaluating '')

The I uncompress the js file, and this is the function being referred to:

  var self = null;
  jQuery.fn.railsAutocomplete = function() {
    return'focus',function() {
      if (!this.railsAutoCompleter) {
        this.railsAutoCompleter = new jQuery.railsAutocomplete(this);

Anyone have any idea what's going on? Since I'm not using '$' anywhere, the noConflict option doesn't seem to matter, and either way doesn't fix the issue. I didn't make any changes to autocomplete-rails.js

What's weird is that I swear this was working at some point, but I can't for the life of me figure out what changed to break it.

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Yup, turns out I had an errant javascript_include_tag that loaded another copy of jquery. That was the issue – Tripp Jan 21 '13 at 20:45
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Yup, turns out I had an errant javascript_include_tag that loaded another copy of jquery. That was the issue

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I believe the original poster's own answer was part of the solution for me as well. Using rails 3.2.13, jquery 1.9.0 and jquery-ui 1.9.2. More completely I also:

  • upgraded rails3-jquery-autocomplete to latest (from 1.0.9 to 1.0.11, when I saw: "When possible, use jQuery .on() rather than .live()" in the Changelog in rails3-jquery-autocomplete at github
  • removed possibly redundant or conflicting jquery includes
  • reordered includes, specifically placing underscore.js after autocomplete-rails
  • full stop and clearing of caches and compiled assets

After the first 3 steps, the broken behavior was still there (after each step I restarted server only). The last step was out of laziness, but thankfully showed that the combination of the above worked.

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