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I am reading some data from an RSS feed to display on an android device.

The string may or may not have an identifier in brackets at the start e.g.

This is a title of something...

[Brochures] This is a brochure title

[Thought Leadership] This is something else

I want to remove the identifier from the string if it has one before I display it on the screen. I think regex is the best way but having some trouble getting my head around the syntax.

Any suggestions or solutions greatly appreciated.

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Nice one. Just needed to add .trim() to the end of it for exactly what I needed – EHarpham Jan 21 '13 at 20:00


replaceAll("[", "").replaceAll("]", "") 

is not good enough?

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This would only replace '[' and ']' characters - not what's in between. – Justin Jasmann Jan 21 '13 at 19:06
Got it, then - use any regex the guys already gave you. – Alex Kreutznaer Jan 21 '13 at 19:07

try this:

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Something like this should work:

String s = "[Thought Leadership] This is something else";
String newString = s.replaceFirst( "\\[[^\\]]+\\]", "").trim();
System.out.println( newString); // Prints: This is something else
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myString.replaceFirst("regex", "replacement") is the method you need.

The regex will be something like "^\\[.*\\]" and your replacement string eill be the empty string ""

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You can try the following regular expression (once escaped into a Java-acceptable format):

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My answer, as an alternative to RegExp approach :)

public static String stripTag(String value) {
    if (value == null || !value.startsWith("[")) {
        return value;
    int closeBracket = value.indexOf(']');
    if (closeBracket < 0) {
        // No closing bracket.
        return value;
    return value.substring(closeBracket + 1).trim();
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regex is the way... but a faster way would be (if the square brackets only appear in the string if the identifier is there, and no brackets appear in the identifier.)

String string = "[Thought Leadership] This is something else";
if(string.charAt(0) == '[')
    string = string.substring(string.indexOf("]") + 1).trim();
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try this

s=your string
int close=s.lastindexOf(']')
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i think this is enough to replace the two brackets. – Arpit Jan 21 '13 at 19:09

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