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I am new to webgl and am trying to animate objects, not simply rotating/moving them but complex motions. For example how can we make movements of hand/leg in a human model(as if the person is walking)?Right now I am using Three.js to import the OBJ model.

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If you want complex animation, you'll need to do some mesh skinning and bone animation. OBJ format doesn't support that kind of information (in fact it only stores static polygonal data). – Jelly Jan 21 '13 at 21:54
Can you give any link or example description on how to proceed exactly? – Chakradhar Reddy Veeramreddy Jan 22 '13 at 4:52
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This example, which is also included in the THREE.js example library, describes importing a rigged model. The Collada DAE format allows for export of rigged characters for animation in Three.JS.

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I used Blender 2.64 and Three.js exporter successfully to load animated model in the scene. Here is nice tutorial that explains everything from animation in Blender to exporting to Three.js (although it uses older version of exporter so the things you make won't work in their test application).

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