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I am new to Hibernate and I would Like to know how this sort of things with Criteria :

I have three classes A, B and C. the Class A has the association @OneToMany with class B. And Class B have the association @ManyToOne with class C.

I would like to have a request made with Criteria that retrive all the informations when I want an object from class A so that I can iterate through A.Bs and then access b.c

At the moment I have a query that retrieve only B :

.setFetchMode("B", FetchMode.JOIN)

Thank you for your help

edit : I tried that :


But have that ended with this error :

org.hibernate.LazyInitializationException: could not initialize proxy - no Session
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Found the solution :

.setFetchMode("Bs", FetchMode.JOIN)
.setFetchMode("Bs.c", FetchMode.JOIN)

Where 'Bs' is the attribute of A containing the @OneToMany association and 'c' is the attribute of B container the @ManyToOne association.

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