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My project consists of a situation were two tables (parents) have a reference to a single table (child).

The primary key from those two tables (parents) is being generated with the same trigger+sequence. Therefore they are unique in both tables. Both of them create one foreign key in child table.

I've got some records in one of the parent tables, but not in the other.

When I try to insert a record into the child table I get an error: ORA-02291: integrity constraint {constraint_name} violated - parent key not found

where constraint_name is a constraint between the "empty" parent and a child.

any solution?

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You have orphan rows in the child table. you have to turn off the constraints, and add records to the parents/child such that everybody is "happy" constraint-wise. Next, create an on insert/update trigger that will check both parents. It should raise an error when both parents are missing the child key, otherwise it should take action to sync the two parent tables. I would guess you have some code that is screwing up the sync-ness of the two parent tables. A double constraint like that is enforceable only if your code base tries to play the game. –  jim mcnamara Jan 21 '13 at 19:27
Thanks Jim! That was really helpful. –  blipinsk Jan 21 '13 at 20:52
@jimmcnamara, if you want to receive fame and glory for helping me with my issue, feel free to post it as an answer:). –  blipinsk Jan 10 at 1:49
thanks. I post stuff to help. I cannot even remember this one. Too long ago. –  jim mcnamara Jan 10 at 3:59

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