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Is there any way using either Vim scripting or search/replace to remove ghost newlines? I have come across times when I have to edit files that other developers using crappy software have left double newlines in like the attached picture.

I would love to find a way in Vim to remove all those stupid double spacing junk so it actually looks like it should.

enter image description here

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Running the search-and-replace


will replace every pair of two newlines with a single one. This will inevitably screw up files that aren't already double-spaced, though, so don't use it blindly.

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Shorter solution:


It those lines are really empty. If there might be white spaces:

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I tend to think in positives so would go with :g/^\s*$/d but the end result is the same. This is a nice solution and :global and :vglobal are great commands to know. –  dash-tom-bang Jan 22 '13 at 18:49

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