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I have a comment box that users can fill and saving the text in a MySQL database:

When a users fills text in my textbox with a backslash (\n) it shows in the text box without the new line.

For example, the user enters:

Hi everyone!


The Textbox displays:

Hi Everyone!Me

What am I doing wrong?

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have you tried to just use enter? –  RvdK Sep 18 '09 at 13:39

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Use Environment.NewLine instead of "\n" (or at least "\r\n", since this is what Environment.NewLine contains on non-Unix platforms anyway).

Also, make sure your TextBox's MultiLine property is set to true.

myTextBox.MultiLine = true;
myTextBox.Text = "hi," + Environment.NewLine + "ALL";
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the newline comment is only handy when setting text in code. So you should capture the keypresses and when the last command is \r\n then replace that with Environment.NewLine –  RvdK Sep 18 '09 at 13:42

Did you set the Multiline property?

textBox.Multiline = true;
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try this : when extracting from database use this :

str_replace("\n",'<br />',$databasefield)

it`s working for me:)

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