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I am trying to set git information in the RPROMPT of my zsh configuration.

# precmd hook
function precmd {
  vcs_info 'prompt'

  if [ -z "$vcs_info_msg_0_" ]; then
    RPROMPT=$POWERLINE_COLOR_FG_WHITE$'\u2b82'"%f$POWERLINE_COLOR_BG_WHITE $POWERLINE_COLOR_FG_GRAY"$'$(git_prompt_info)'""$'$(git_prompt_ahead)'" $POWERLINE_COLOR_FG_GRAY"$'\u2b82'"%f%k$POWERLINE_COLOR_BG_GRAY$POWERLINE_COLOR_FG_WHITE "$'$(git_prompt_short_sha) '"%f%k"

This works well for me, but whenever I am in a git repository, the prompt becomes pretty laggy and non-responsible. It is unclear why is it the case when I see a lot of people online use git prompts in their zsh configuration. Am I doing something wrong?

Here is the whole PROMPT.

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Depending how big the git repository is and how many different commands are run by the vcs_info plugin to generate your prompt data, fetching the info for display in your prompt can be very slow. I don't use oh-my-zsh or the vcs_info plugin in my shell prompt and fetching git info uses about a second for fetching the current branch, staged changes, and dirty changes.

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Your prompt is slow because you check the git repository status in the precmd hook.

You could make the prompt much faster by updating the git information only when it has changed, i.e. when you change directory (chpwd hook) or when you run the git command.

While this is not an easy task, there is zsh plugin, zsh-git-prompt, that works pretty well. Note that it requires Python.

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