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Hi i'm using PHP's soapclient function to call a soap webservices (with wdsl).

I know how to pass parameters to a method, but the webservice i'm using is expecting parameters in the parameter name (not sure how to call this).

This is what the webservice is expecting when using parameters:

    <Name MatchType=”MatchBeginning”>Exmaple Company</Name>
        <Street>Example Street</Street>

It's about this part in the Name parameter: MatchType=”MatchBeginning”

This is how i'm calling the webservice:

    $client = @new \SoapClient($url,array(
            'exceptions' => 1,
            'login' => '****',
            'password' => '****',
            'trace' => 1,

    $parameter = array(
        "countries" => array(
            "CountryCode" => "NL",
        "searchCriteria" => array(
            "Name" => "value"

Can someone tell me how to add the parameter using the above method? Much appreciated.

BTW i'm trying to consume a webservice from Creditsafe. Maybe someone will find this question by adding this info.

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I figured out how to do it:

    $parameter = array(
        "countries" => array(
            "CountryCode" => "DE",
        "searchCriteria" => array(
            "Name" => array( "_" => "value",
             "MatchType" => "MatchBeginning"
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