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I am using PLinqInstantFeedbackSource when populating the grid.

PLinqInstantFeedbackSource pLinqInstantFeedbackDataSource = new PLinqInstantFeedbackSource();
pLinqInstantFeedbackDataSource.GetEnumerable += pLinqInstantFeedbackDataSource_GetEnumerable;

gridControl.ItemsSource = pLinqInstantFeedbackDataSource;

gridControl.DataContext = SomeViewModel;

private void pLinqInstantFeedbackDataSource_GetEnumerable(object sender, DevExpress.Data.PLinq.GetEnumerableEventArgs e)
    e.Source = SomeViewModel.GetList();

So when i select all rows using:


it seems to select all the rows. ​So this is working fine, but the user has not scrolled down so that all the rows are visible or fetched.

So now i want to loop through all the rows and get the row object using:

var selectedRowHandles = ((DevExpress.Xpf.Grid.TableView)gridControl.View).GetSelectedRowHandles().AsEnumerable();

foreach (var item in selectedRowHandles)

This seems to work fine for all visible rows, but when it tries to Get the next row that is not visible it throws an exception:

Unable to cast object of type 'DevExpress.Data.NotLoadedObject' to type 'SomeEntityObject'.​

So, how to get all rows in the GridControl when using PLinqInstantFeedbackSource when row is not visible.

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The LinqInstantFeedBackSource loads the records from the server into the grid in a seperate thread. If you try to access a row in the grid where the corresponding record is not allready loaded, the source returns an object of the NotLoadedObject type. Since the loading of records goes on in the background you can just repeat querying the row until you get your "real" data.

foreach (var item in selectedRowHandles)
    while (gridControl.GetRow(item) is NotLoadedObject)
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Found the right answer from DevExpress.

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