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I know there are tons of similar questions and answers for this topic, but I am still having the same issue. So far, I've looked at this, this, this, this, this, etc.... To no avail.

I always get this error when I try to run an ANT build on my project.

    [mxmlc] Error: Unable to resolve resource bundle "resources" for locale "en_US".

C:\***\flashWorkspace\shop\build.xml:8: The following error occurred while executing this line:
C:\***\flashWorkspace\Scripts\flex-build.xml:50: The following error occurred while executing this line:
C:\***\flashWorkspace\Scripts\flex-build.xml:123: mxmlc task failed

My build.xml:

<target name="compile" depends="common-build.compile">
    <antcall target="flex-build.compile-air-application"/>   // line 8

Which brings us to my flex-build.xml (this is where I'll be calling the macro that throws the error):

<target name="compile-air-application">
    <compileSWF>      // line 50
            <load-config filename="${FLEX_HOME}/frameworks/air-config.xml"/>

And finally, the macro itself that contains the erroneous mxmlc call:

<macrodef name="compileSWF">
    <element name="compiler-options" optional="yes"/>
    <attribute name="sourceDir" default="${src.dir}"/>
    <attribute name="libraryDir" default="${build.lib.dir}"/>
    <attribute name="buildDir" default="${build.dir}"/>
    <attribute name="locale" default="${locale}"/>
    <attribute name="applicationFile" default="${application.file}"/>
    <attribute name="outputFile" default="${swf.file}"/>
        <delete file="@{buildDir}/@{outputFile}"/>
        <mxmlc file="@{sourceDir}/@{applicationFile}" output="@{buildDir}/@{outputFile}" locale="@{locale}">          //line 123
            <source-path path-element="@{sourceDir}"/>
            <compiler.library-path dir="@{libraryDir}" append="true">
                <include name="*.swc"/>

These are my compiler arguments:

-locale=en_US,fr_FR -source-path=locale/{locale}

And basically my folder structure is like this

  |-- src 
  |-- lib 
  |-- locale 
          |-- en_US
               |-- resources.properties     
          |-- fr_FR 
               |-- resources.properties 

Can anyone see what's wrong with my ANT build? If you need any more information I'll be happy to edit and add them to the post. I've tried a myriad of hacks that I've found on the net: I've been trying to resolve this all day :/

Thanks in advance

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FYI for anyone else having this problem, fixed by adding these two directives :


so the mxmlc looks like this

<mxmlc file="@{sourceDir}/@{applicationFile}" output="@{buildDir}/@{outputFile}" locale="@{locale}">
    <source-path path-element="@{sourceDir}"/>
    <compiler.library-path dir="@{libraryDir}" append="true">
        <include name="*.swc"/>
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