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Considering the following database document:

enter image description here

I need push an element to array highlighted field "Roles".

I've tried the code below but without success. I need to know which command use in place of "SelectWhere"...

patches.Add(new ScriptedPatchCommandData
                    Key = "Users/" + (mp.EnableChangeUserName ? user.ProviderUserKey : username),
                    Patch = new ScriptedPatchRequest
                        Script = @"
                                var app = this.Applications.SelectWhere(function(application){ 
                                    return application.Key == appKey;
                                if(app != null) { app.Roles.PushAll(roles) }",
                        Values = { { "appKey", mp.ApplicationKey }, {"roles", roleNames} }


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This should do the trick:

for (var i = 0; i < this.Applications.length; i++)
  var app = this.Applications[i];
  if (app.Key == appKey)
    app.Roles = app.Roles.concat(roles);

When testing in the Raven Management Studio, It seems that you can't represent an array in the Parameters window, so I had to enter it as a string ["foo","bar"] and make one minor change to the script:

...   .concat(eval(roles))
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