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I was wondering if its possible to use a json-based schema-free, document-based database like Mongodb or Couchdb on a symfony project like its used for ruby-on-rails websites? And if yes, how can it be done?

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There is a DoctrineMongoDBBundle for use with Symfony 2

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You might get some help from the MongoDB PHP Language Center. There are links to several PHP libraries for MongoDB, including a centralized logger for symfony applications.

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You can also check out, the only full-stack PHP framework with fully-integrated support for MongoDB (and CouchDB).

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Looks interesting but another framework :( – fenderplayer Jun 13 '10 at 13:41

Try building your project with the no-orm flag. There is little need to have an object relational database if you are not using a relational database. Just build classes for your data in PHP. These will function as your schema, which makes sense sense as a schema is not defined at the data layer.

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AFAIK, the only framework to have integrated Mongo support as of yet is Vork.

I saw a post from someone who retrofitted Cake to use MongoDB, but they basically had to rewire the whole model-engine.

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All the majore modern framework can work with Mongodb. Symfony do it very well with doctrine as an exemple

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