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In entity framework code migrations i realize that unique indexes can be added to columns.But when an attempt is made to insert a duplicate value you get back error message from the data based in an SQL Exception wrapped in UpdateException. This is not very user friendly to display to a user.

Is it best to query the database for the existence of the value and display a user friend error message?

If not, Is there a more intuitive way of doing uniqueness checks and displaying a user friendly error message ?

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There must be a System.Data.SqlClient.SqlException in InnerException(s) of UpdateException. SqlException has a Number Property which addresses the cause of exception. SqlException also provides more detail about the error with other properties.

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Thanks for the reply Mehmet. I am thinking about unique indices on the columns in the database and also thinking of implementing Ivalidation and checking the database if a duplicate value exists and yield a validation exception if necessary. Is this best way to do this by querying data context in an entity class? –  kenalex Jan 22 '13 at 20:37

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