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i was trying to store my simulation output inside an array. I have written the following code:

for(i in 1:nsim) {
    simulated = NULL
    stik.simulated = NULL
    simulated = rpp(....)
    stik.simulated = STIKhat(....)
    # from stik.simulated we will get $khat and $Ktheo and 
    # the dimension of stik.simulated$Khat-stik.simulated$Ktheo is 20 x 20
    res[i,,] = stik.simulated$Khat - stik.simulated$Ktheo  

But whenever the function is trying to store the output inside an array, I get the following error:

simul= 1 
Xrange is  20 40 
Yrange is  -20 20 
Doing quartic kernel
Error in res[, , i] = stik.simulated$Khat - stik.simulated$Ktheo : 
  subscript out of bounds

seeking your help. Thanks.

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You have a subscript out of bounds. That is not very informative, is it? Unfortunately, we will probably not be able to be more helpful unless you supply a reproducible example. Chances are that you will find the error yourself in the process of cutting your problem down to a manageable size. Good luck! –  Stephan Kolassa Jan 21 '13 at 21:05
Furthermore, to add to what Stephan said, the error implies that the code you offered was not the code that caused that error. See the differnce between: Error in res[, , i] = stik.simulated$Khat - stik.simulated$Ktheo and what you offered: res[i,,] = stik.simulated$Khat - stik.simulated$Ktheo –  BondedDust Jan 21 '13 at 21:08

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I think you need to organize your code to avoid such errors. I assume you are using package stpp.

First You create, a function which generate the matrix of each iteration; Try to test your function with many values.

stick_diff <- function(u,v){
  u <- seq(0,u,by=1)
  v <- seq(0,v,by=1)
  simulated <- rpp(...)                    ## call here rpp with right parameters
  stik <- STIKhat(xyt=simulated$xyt,
                     dist=u, times=v, ...)
  stik$Khat-stik$Ktheo                     ## !! here if u#v you will have recycling!

Once you are sure of your function you call it the loop, with right dimensions.

nsim <- 50
u    <- 20
for(i in 1:nsim)
  res[i,,] <- stick_diff(i,u,u)
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thank you folks for the reply. i have found the error, actually in my code, "i" have used in two different cases. so now i have changed replaced "for(i in 1:nsim)" with "for(k in 1:nsim)" and res[i,,] is replaced by res[k,,]. and the codes works fine, in that case. –  neel Jan 22 '13 at 9:36

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