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I'm fairly new to HTML5, but I'm learning, and for now - I'm working on a really simple game.

What I'm trying to do is get the mouse X and Y position related to the canvas, and have an image to follow the mouse (like a crosshair, to aim).

But for now, I just want to pull the mouse values.

So, I have a function called init, which initialises everything. It's called when an image sprite is loaded:

function init(){

    document.addEventListener('keydown', checkKeyDown, false);
    document.addEventListener('keyup', checkKeyUp, false);

    document.addEventListener('ommousemove', mouseTarget, false);


I'm not 100% if the 'ommousemove' is correct, not sure what I'm suppose to put their. I then have the mouseTarget function:

function mouseTarget(e){

    var mouseX;
    var mouseY;

        mouseX = e.offsetX;
        mouseY = e.offsetY;
    else if(e.layerX){
        mouseX = e.layerX;
        mouseY = e.layerY;

    console.debug("Mouse X: " +  mouseX + " Mouse Y: " + mouseY);


I also have a function called 'draw', which is called every 5 frames (every update), so I'm assuming I need to check the mouse position within that?

function draw(){

But then I get an error: Uncaught: TypeError: Cannot read property 'offsetX' of undefined. What am I doing wrong here?


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Just a note. That's a JavaScript API, it has no real connection with the HTML5 specification (which is strictly for HTML). –  Second Rikudo Jan 21 '13 at 21:10

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The problem (as you suspected) is with this line

document.addEventListener('ommousemove', mouseTarget, false);

It should be

document.addEventListener('mousemove', mouseTarget, false);

The e parameter in the mouseTarget function will only contain the event information when called via an event. In your case it is never being called via an event, but only via the draw function.

That is why you are getting the Cannot read property 'offsetX' of undefined. error, as in reality you are trying to access undefined.offsetX

What you should do is keep a the mouse position in separate variables and then just reference them in the 'draw' function.

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