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This is difficult for me to explain, but I need to add the belongs_to attribute to a model of a gem.

I am using the APN_on_rails gem to add push notification functionality to my web app. In this gem it creates a model called Device (APN::Device) which has a few fields needed for it to work.

I now need to link the Device model to my own User model. I have successfully migrated a user_id to the database table.

Now the only problem is adding belongs_to to the model. It is not in die /app/models/ directory.

How can I achieve this?

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It's Ruby, so you can just reopen the class and add more to it.

Create a device.rb file in your models directory and just add the appropriate belongs_to as if you created the whole model yourself. As long as you don't redefine any important methods without calling super it will supplement their model with just what you need. You may also need to add an attr_accessible or attr_protected to be able to use it depending on how they defined their model.

I hope that helps.

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