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Im trying to traversal a graph using

from neo4jrestclient.client import GraphDatabase
G = GraphDatabase("http://localhost:7474/db/data/")
# G is generated here in my program but for space purpose I removed these steps
traverser = G.traversal().evaluator(my_evaluator).traverse(root)

I borrowed my_evaluator function from stackoverflow which is

def my_evaluator(path):
    # Filter on end node property
    if path.end['value'] == 105:
        return Evaluation.INCLUDE_AND_CONTINUE
    # Filter on last relationship type
    if path.last_relationship.type.name() == 'edge':
        return Evaluation.INCLUDE_AND_PRUNE
    # You can do even more complex things here, like subtraversals.
    return Evaluation.EXCLUDE_AND_CONTINUE

When I tried to execute the code I got the following error message: Traceback (most recent call last): File "C:\Users\firas\Desktop\ACO_neo4j.py", line 747, in traverser = G.traversal().evaluator(my_evaluator).traverse(root) AttributeError: 'TraversalDescription' object has no attribute 'evaluator'

Can you help me in this please. Thanks.


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You can always use a Cypher query to to the same.

The problem here is that the evaluator funcion may be borrowed from the native driver by Neo4j guys, the embedded Python driver. So far, there is some limitations on traversing the graph using the neo4-rest-client traversals. Because underneath it is using the REST interface, the only way to write a evaluator is by writing a Javascript function, AFAIK.

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