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I would like to make a div move down on scroll but at a faster rate (i.e. if the user scrolls 200px down the div will smoothly scroll 400px down.)
Basically a fixed div that moves up and down at 2x (maybe less) rate of the scroll speed

I have searched a lot for an answer but no luck so I hope one of you bright minds can help me.

If you need me to be more specific I can make a video or an illustration that clarifies what I'm trying to do.

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You are looking to do a parallax scrolling effect. There are lots of js libraries that can do this, one of them is: Stellar.js

Nike also made a temporary site (Better World) that had this effect.

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Thx man! just needed the right word to search on i guess :D –  Peter Nørgård Tange Jan 21 '13 at 21:46

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