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I am trying to figure out why I am getting all zeros back in the code below.

a = 7.0e16;
e = 100000;
r = 8.3140;
t = 253:2:325;

k = a.*exp(-e./t.*r);

k returns as 1x37 array consisting of only zeros.

Is it because my numbers are too large or too small?

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You are getting underflow. Things become zero in the exp, and multiplying by a big number afterwards is too late. It looks like a physics equation - in which case you want to divide by r, not multiply. Try


It should work

EDIT - have to add, not multiply, log(a) in the exponent...

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your first suggestion was right! and i didnt want a in the exponent. i wanted to multiple the result of exponent by a –  user1757273 Jan 21 '13 at 21:53
Glad it worked. Mathematically, a*exp(b) is the same as exp(ln(a)+b) when a>0. I was trying to make the number in the exponent larger - didn't have Matlab handy so wasn't quite sure how far off underflow you were... –  Floris Jan 22 '13 at 3:38

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