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I'm working on analysing and comparing different forecasts by plotting them together in a normal distribution chart for a data of over 2-3 weeks.

I'm in need of a macro that can loop through every alternate column and perform four tasks such as:

(1) Shift every alternate column to the right (there is a data over several columns), starting from column C.

(2) Look for an empty cell below the column on the left (unshifted, e.g column B) and calculate the mean and standard deviation.

(3) Sort the column on the left (increasing order) and populate every empty column on the right (created in the first step by shifting every alternate column, e.g. column C) the normal distribution function calculated from the cell values of the column on the left, its mean and standard deviation.

(4) Plot the normal distribution chart of a few columns(8-9) in the same graph, and this for several worksheets.

This macro would need to run on several worksheets, which can't be carried out manually anymore. I've been able to solve some small VB tricks before, but this seems a bit hardcore and complicated for me, that's why I need your help greatly.

I'd really appreciate any kind of help or advice.

Sanjeev Pandey

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It seems like you haven't even tried. This makes me (and probably others, given the lack of responses) quite reluctant to help. I suggest the first thing you try is to split your problem into separate tasks and record macros for each of those tasks. Then use loops to repeat those tasks as you require. If you have trouble try searching the net for assistance. If you have a specific problem you get stuck on, come back here, provide details, show us what you've tried and we'll try and help. –  mkingston Jan 21 '13 at 23:21
+1 to mkingston. This is not a free version of rentacoder. –  brettdj Jan 22 '13 at 1:05

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