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Here, I would like to select the .accept element from within the .header element. Is this possible? The documentation is inconclusive and I have tried some variations to no avail, is there a trick I'm not aware of?

'click .header .accept': function (event) { ... },

In jQuery I might use this: $('.header .accept')

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What you shared will work assuming you don't have a conflict elsewhere. Try using the code below. The event fires only if you click the second div, as you want.


    {{> page}}

<template name="page">
    <div class="header">.header 
        <div class="accept">.header .accept</div>


if (Meteor.isClient) {
        'click .header .accept': function(event) {
            console.log('accept clicked');
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Thank you @ram1, I am sure that when I tried that before it did not work; perhaps something else was wrong that meant the event didn't fire. Anyway, it works, so thank you. –  Zander Jan 22 '13 at 7:25

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