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I have a UIView with a button on it, when the user clicks that button I have another xib file that I want to push. Now this view doesn't have a navigationcontroller so I create one dynamically like so :

   myVC *viewController = [[myVC alloc] init];
   UINavigationController *controller = [[UINavigationController alloc] 
   [self presentModalViewController: controller animated: YES];

But this is modal, how can I have myV be pushed from the right?


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Your current view self is inside a navigation controller? If not, why dont you add that inside navigation controller and push myVC on to that? –  iDev Jan 21 '13 at 23:04

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Try this following format. This will help you.

 myVC *viewController = [[myVC alloc] initWithNibName:"myVC" bundle:nil];
 [[self navigationcontroller] presentModalViewController:viewController animated: YES];

This code is used to flip the new view controller horizondally. Please refer "UIModalTransitionStyle".

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thnaks, this is kinda cool. –  Huang Jan 22 '13 at 21:33

You need edit your appdelegate class and there itself you need to assign your view controller to navigation controller as a root class. Then it will automatically convert all yours view controller to navigation view. Try it out

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