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I'm looking to import support for org.slf4j and org.quartz in a maven project in Netbeans. However, I'm not able to figure out the exact steps. I'm unclear as to how should I configure these two packages (through their jar files) as artifacts.

I would request someone to please provide urgent help.

My present Netbeans structure looks like this :

enter image description here

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Rightclick on the dependency node, select Add dependency. In the query field, type org.quartz-scheduler. In the list that appears in Search Results fold open the node org.quartz-scheduler : quartz and click on the version you want (I'd go with 2.1.6 for now).

For org.slf4j the sequence is comparable.

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Thanks. it worked. – VaidAbhishek Jan 22 '13 at 6:37
Great! By the way, what I described is actually identical to Mirko's explanation, the only difference being he adds the dependencies to the pom file using a text editor, my version uses IDE assistance for the same purpose. Remember both techniques as you'll probably end up using a mix of both depending on the context. – fvu Jan 22 '13 at 10:59

Why don't you want to add them as maven dependencies in pom.xml?


Netbeans has excellent integration with Ant and Maven and will pick the dependencies up by itself.

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