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I installed the stratus player on my website but everytime you load a new page, the player stops since it's not in an iframe.

I checked on the deadmau5 site http://www.deadmau5.com/ which is also based on a wordpress theme with the stratus2.0 player and the designer found a way to keep playing music during the visit without using basic iframe (header/main frame) split.

I can't figure out how the developer did this functionnality working, maybe it's a javascript page load, not sure.

Is there anyone who could help me to achieve the same result?

thanks in advance.


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It's probably a single-page app. That is to say, they load the content in with AJAX requests. – Shmiddty Jan 21 '13 at 23:09
well, if you check deadmau5.com the site is still displaying the correct actual url in the url bar, and according to the code, the template is not split in iframes. So, there's probably an ajax page load trick behind it. – Damien Sellier Dubois Jan 21 '13 at 23:15

So finally, I dig into the deadmau5.com code and it's 100% ajaxified. To be able to do it in a neat & clean way on my site I decided to try several options:

  1. copy/paste/edit deadmau5.com JS code
  2. try a wordpress plugin "Advanced AJAX Page Loader"

the second option works way faster and is more SEO friendly and this plugin change address bar URL for bookmarking and adds a "previous/backspace" feature for a better UX.

5 easy steps to do the task with a wordpress theme:

  1. download and install 'Advanced AJAX Page Loader'
  2. edit your theme so that you can define a target div wrapper where dynamic/updated content loads (i.e: div id="content")
  3. in the "Advanced AJAX Page Loader" WP-settings define the step2 wrapper id
  4. embed the stratus player in your theme outside the wrapper div
  5. add custom JS code in "Advanced AJAX Page Loader" to update page URL for facebook like button or twitter count etc... it has to be refresh through JQuery if not the JS features disappear during the visit on other pages, the header info are not passing from one page to the other one. More info here http://wordpress.org/support/...

that's it ;) the music in the stratus2.0 bar is playing non-stop even if the user is browsing the site.

hope it helps


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