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I have a text file that contains about 1200-lines. I want to import it in phpMyAdmin as a table where a primary id will be given to each line. Is there a way to achieve this in phpMyAdmin?

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  1. Create the table into which you want the data to be inserted:

    CREATE TABLE my_table (
      id        SERIAL,
      my_column TEXT
  2. On the Import tab, select your file and then under Format of imported file:

    • Choose CSV using LOAD DATA

    • Ensure that the Fields ... by options are all blank

    • Leave Lines terminated by as auto

    • Under Column names, specify the name of the column into which you want the data to be inserted - i.e. my_column above

    • Click Go

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When I do this, I get the error of "Invalid parameter for CSV import: Columns terminated by " –  Shawn Solomon Jan 17 '14 at 10:43

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