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In Android 4.2 release, I observe that the miracast implementation mandates an OMX encoder to support a new extension index "OMX.google.android.index.prependSPSPPSToIDRFrames". However, when I studied the subsequent implementation of MediaCodec, Converter and WifiDisplaySource, I observe that there is enough support in the existing framework to support this feature without the need of adding another index for the OMX component.

Can someone please confirm if my understanding is correct? If so, can you kindly provide some further information on reasons/rationale behind the same?


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I have found the answers to my question in latest release of Android 4.2.2. As per my earlier question, Google has decided to support both an index inside the OMX Component as well as a Stagefright framework level handling of prepend SPS and PPS to IDR frames. This way an OMX Component needn't support the new index. The creation of the component from ACodec interface doesn't fail and the framework takes up the responsibility of prepend.

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Did you test the Miracast with the ACodec? Is it working on Android 4.2.2 ? Did you test it on any device or on emulator? I could not succeed with the wfd binary provided. I have not seen the "prepend SPS and PPS to IDR frames" implemented yet in 4.2.2. Any pointers?

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@Krishna.. Yes.. Miracast was tested with ACodec, which is actually provided by Google. The main codec interface is MediaCodec (encapsulated as Converter) which employs ACodec as can be observed here: androidxref.com/4.2.2_r1/xref/frameworks/av/media/… . I have tested this on a real mobile platform and was demonstrated in MWC earlier this year. For prepend SPS.., please check here: androidxref.com/4.2.2_r1/xref/frameworks/av/media/… –  Ganesh Jul 5 '13 at 14:32
@Krishna.. Corresponding link: androidxref.com/4.2.2_r1/xref/frameworks/av/media/… –  Ganesh Jul 5 '13 at 14:33
@Ganesh : Thanks a lot for your response. I understood the Converter.cpp and ACodec.cpp. But my point is that, I was getting the following error and when I checked androidxref.com/4.2.2_r1/… , I could not see the case implementation for the "prependSPSPPSToIDRFrames" in the software codec. So I was getting the following error "Encoder could not be configured to emit SPS/PPS before IDR frames. (err-2147483648)". –  Krishna Jul 8 '13 at 9:35
@Ganesh : I bi-passed all these errors by neglecting them, but stuck with the following error stackoverflow.com/questions/17471118/… ... When I still debug further, I came to know that, androidxref.com/4.2.2_r1/xref/frameworks/av/media/… res = GraphicBufferMapper::get().lock(imgBuffer, GRALLOC_USAGE_HW_VIDEO_ENCODER, rect, (void**)&img); Img is NULL but result is OK. I read somewhere that, For usage of HW_*, img will always be null. –  Krishna Jul 8 '13 at 9:37
@Ganesh : I was working on the Pandaboard with Linaro 4.2.2 release and wfd binary. –  Krishna Jul 8 '13 at 9:39

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