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Search-ADAccount -accountinactive -usersonly -Searchbase "OU=Internet Brands,OU=Accounts,DC=carsdirect,DC=win" |where {! ($_.lastlogondate -ge (get-date).addMonths(-3))} | ft Name,lastlogondate,Enabled,SamAccountName | ????? ($name) | Get-ADUser -Identity $name -Properties EmailAddress,Manager | %{(Get-AdUser $_.Manager -Properties EmailAddress).EmailAddress}

So here is what I have to accomplish - I want to run the script, it should look at accounts in the containers specified, look at who is inactive for 90 days (3 months in this example) and then print out a table that has the User Name, Last Logged in (if any), if the account is enabled, then the SamAccountName -and using the samaccountname I want to use this portion of the script:

 Get-ADUser -Identity $name -Properties EmailAddress,Manager | %{(Get-AdUser $_.Manager -Properties EmailAddress).EmailAddress}

To gather the manager's email address and also then add that to the table. Everything works, but I need help to take the SamAccountName, parse it to a variable, then parse the variable through the last part of the script to get the manager's email address.

I would like this all to be formatted in the table it prints. Then I have the choice to out-file as a CSV and automate emails to the manager about their inactive users.

If you have questions please ask - I hope this all makes sense!

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I have the information I want - but now I need to format some data in my table. CN=John\, Doe, OU=...Ect - I want to take the CN and have it format it correctly, to First Name Last and remove the \ and ,. – Jeremy Francis Hall Jan 24 '13 at 19:58

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