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I have an NSPopover who's content in an NSView. I create the popover and add the view like this:

NSPopover *thePopover = [[NSPopover alloc] init];
[thePopover setContentViewController:myViewController];

I then show the popover and set the size:

[thePopover setContentSize:NSMakeSize(300.0f, 160.0f)];

At this point the popover is visible and its content view is correct. Is there a way that I can resize the popover at this point without closing and re-showing it?

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I was able to achieve this by calling back to the controller that launched the popover via a delegate protocol and resetting the size using the setContentSize:

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From the documentation:

The popover's content size is set to match the size of the content view when the content view controller is set.

So, set the frame of the popover's content view.

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