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I am a beginner using Code Academy to learn, and I am trying to write a simple game in JavaScript, just to stretch my understanding. I can't decipher why my first few lines of code aren't working. It should be obvious what I am trying to do, but the confirm commands are not working at all.

Here's the code:

var classChoice=prompt("You need to choose a class.  Will you play as a wizard or as  a warrior?").toLowerCase;

if (classChoice==="wizard"){
    confirm("You have chosen wizard.  Is this correct? (yes or no)");
}else if (classChoice==="warrior"){
    confirm("You have chosen warrior.  Is this correct?");

Can someone comment?

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Joseph points out the syntax error (below), but note also that you are not currently doing anything with the return value of the confirm() - which isn't a syntax error but does mean your code won't work. Also, the standard confirm() prompt always has OK and Cancel buttons (you can't change them to Yes and No) so you should word your confirmation message in a way that makes sense for the user to answer with OK or Cancel. –  nnnnnn Jan 22 '13 at 1:30

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toLowerCase is a function you have to call: .toLowerCase().

Note: what happens when they enter a value other than the 2 you're checking for...?

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