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I'm trying to catch a signal of a ListView in my .qml file, so I'm doing:

ListView *userList = root->findChild<ListView*>("userList");

It gets the list, and the when I try:

Q_ASSERT(connect(userList, SIGNAL(triggered(QVariantList indexPath)), this, SLOT(onUserListTriggered(QVariantList indexPath))));

I get this error:

Object::connect: No such signal bb::cascades::QmlListView::triggered(QVariantList indexPath)
Object::connect:  (sender name:   'userList')
ASSERT: "connect(userList, SIGNAL(triggered(QVariantList indexPath)), this, SLOT(onUserListTriggered(QVariantList indexPath)))"

It makes no sense. The documentation of ListView tells the class emits this signal, and I can see it in the header listview.h as

        * @brief Emitted when a list item is triggered by the user.
        * Typically, this signal is emitted when an item is tapped by the user 
        * with the intention to execute some action associated with it. 
        * This signal is, for example, not emitted when items are tapped 
        * during multiple selection, where the intention is to select the 
        * tapped item and not trigger an action associated with it.
        * @param indexPath Index path to the triggered item.
        void triggered(QVariantList indexPath);
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Specify only parameter's data type while connecting a signal to slot. Replace connect call statement with below mentioned statement.

bool ok = connect(userList, SIGNAL(triggered(QVariantList)), 
  this, SLOT(onUserListTriggered(QVariantList)));
// Q_ASSERT the bool so that the connect will be included in Release code
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That's right, thanks! –  Sales Jan 22 '13 at 14:32
This is VERY WRONG. The connect code is fine, but wrapping it in Q_ASSERT means that it will be excluded in a Release build. In other words, it will work fine in your debug builds, and as soon as you release your code, the connect will never be called. See stackoverflow.com/questions/12573230/… for the details. I've edited above to correct. –  craigmj Feb 10 '13 at 13:29
Well, thanks for the correction. –  Sorry Boss Feb 11 '13 at 4:36

I've also found it necessary to put the full namespace. This won't be necessary for your example, but for example I've had to do:

if (!connect(root, SIGNAL(popTransitionEnded(bb::cascades::Page*)), this,
    SLOT(navPagePopped(bb::cascades::Page*)))) {
    qDebug() << "UNABLE to connect popTransitionEnded to navPagePopped";

I'm guessing that the Qt framework uses the full namespace of parameters when it creates its signal tables.

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I also had problems with this same example, because it couldn't find the signal without the full namespace... –  Sales Feb 8 '13 at 16:32

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