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I have a Dispatch 0.8 DELETE handler that needs to have a body.

So I have a normal DELETE that works fine:

def delete = request.DELETE  ># identity

I tried this:

def delete(body: String) = request.DELETE <<< body ># identity

but it turned the request into a PUT because of the <<< operator.

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I found this question because I am facing a similar problem, and the manual (Kelsey cites it below) is pretty cryptic and didn't help. There's a blog post here bhudgeons.telegr.am/blog_posts/… that does explain how to access the RequestBuilder which is a start –  Mark Butler Aug 7 at 15:44

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Use setBody instead: "If you wish to supply a string instead of a file, use a setBody method of the RequestBuilder class. Its variants support a number of input types and do not imply a particular HTTP method." from http://dispatch.databinder.net/HTTP+methods+and+parameters.html

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Please give some example code? That comment in the manual is pretty cryptic? –  Mark Butler Aug 7 at 15:43
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To do this with Dispatch 0.8, I used a sort of hacky solution:

def delete(body: String) = (request << body).DELETE ># identity 
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