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I am working on a file uploader for my app and I settled on Everything is working fine except for one thing..When I upload an image to S3 I can only upload the URL that Filepicker returns (not the image itself).

The below is successful, but{
'change #attachment': function(event){  

    var savedFile = JSON.stringify(event.fpfile);
    var parsedJSON = eval('('+savedFile+')');
    var url=parsedJSON.url;
    console.log("saved file is:" + savedFile);
    console.log(url);, {location: 'S3'}, function(fpfile){
           output.html('Uploaded: '+fpfile.filename+'');
    }, function(fperror){
    }, function(progress){
        output.text("Uploading... ("+progress+"%)");

I get back as my message:

File stored in S3 at VnAa2YsOS6wOECNMWpwn_temp.txt and available at

I have tried passing this and event.fpfile into my function but it just doesn't work.

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In the same function:

var file = event.fpfile;, {location: 'S3'}, function(fpfile){
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