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i'm trying to make a simple drag and drop in haxe NME targeting touch devices, but i'm unable to.

i tried, startDrag(), a combination of mouseDown, mouseUp and mouseMove,another combination of TouchEvent.TOUCH_BEGIN,TouchEvent.TOUCH_END,TouchEvent.TOUCH_MOVE and startDragTouch() etc.. but in the first 3 cases, the app crashes in androin, and in the last one, i'm getting:

 nme.display.Sprite has no field startTouchDrag

at the moment of compilation.

Anyone knows a method to have drag & drop support for touch devices in haxe NME? any hint of how this can be achieved?

Many thanks


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ok, at the end, the custom implementation with MouseEvent.MOUSE_DOWN, MouseEvent.MOUSE_UP and MouseEvent.MOUSE_MOVE worked, but i needed to use the coordinated from the passed element to get the StageX and StageY and not getting them directly from the "stage". in that way, doesn't crash.


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