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Hopefully the title isn't too confusing, but I am running a VirtualBox with Debian. I just created it and the default/primary user does not have any sudo privileges for some odd reason. I've been constantly looking online for help, but to no avail because most of the suggestions include using a Live CD. Not sure if I would be able to apply that method. Other suggestions for Ubuntu distros include a recovery mode but I don't remember seeing it during startup

Is there a way to add my primary user to the sudoers file?

I'm not too experienced in Debian or any other Linux distro, so explanations 'dumbed down' would be great

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By default, Debian does not have sudo. Instead you have to su up to the root user and run commands that way.

To install sudo

Su up as root

$ su

Install sudo

$ apt-get install sudo

Edit the sudoers file

$ visudo

Under the User privilege specification heading add in MyUSER ALL=(ALL:ALL) ALL, replacing MyUSER with the username you want.

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