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i want copy one directory from one location to another location. i research on that i found copyTo Api. In that document i found quick example from doc as below

function win(entry) {
    console.log("New Path: " + entry.fullPath);

function fail(error) {

function copyDir(entry) {
    var parent = document.getElementById('parent').value,
        newName = document.getElementById('newName').value,
        parentEntry = new DirectoryEntry({fullPath: parent});

    // copy the directory to a new directory and rename it
    entry.copyTo(parentEntry, newName, success, fail);

Now how i am confuse where is source path variable and what is destination path variable? can any one provide me one good example for this

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I hope the following helps your understanding:

var root;
window.requestFileSystem(LocalFileSystem.PERSISTENT, 0,
    function(fileSystem) {
        root = fileSystem.root;
        // get the directory we want to get within the root directory
        var srcDir = 'srcDir'; 
        root.getDirectory(srcDir, {create: false}, getDirectoryWin, getDirectoryFail);

// the directory param should be a DirectoryEntry object that points to the srcDir    
function getDirectoryWin(directory){
    console.log('got the directory');

    // path to the parent directory that holds the dir that we want to copy to
    // we'll set it as the root, but otherwise you'll
    // need parentDir be a DirectoryEntry object
    var parentDir = root;

    // name of the destination directory within the parentDir
    var dstDir = 'dstDir'; 

    // use copyWin/copyFail to launch callbacks when it works/fails
    directory.copyTo(root, dstDir, copyWin, copyFail);

function getDirectoryFail(){
    console.log("I failed at getting a directory");

function copyWin(){
    console.log('Copying worked!');

function copyFail(){
    console.log('I failed copying');
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Tim, do you know why I'm getting error 5 if trying to copy "file:///android_asset/www" directory? specifying relative path works well but I need to copy directories that are next to my cordova index.html – 31415926 Apr 24 '14 at 13:34

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