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I am using Microsoft SQL 2008. In Microsoft Visual Studio, I have created a cube. I want to schedule the processing of this cube after every 1 hour. Can somebody tell me how to achieve this?


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sorry, i didn't get it. what's that?? – Vicky Jan 22 '13 at 4:41
Create an SSIS package. Add AS processing task. Schedule it with SQL Agent. Done. – Bill Jan 22 '13 at 14:36

On the same solution with your SSAS project create an new SSIS project

  • Under SSIS Packages, open the dtsx file
  • Go to Control Flow and select the Analysis Services Processing Task from the SSIS toolbox
  • Add the Task to the control flow
  • On the connection manager add a new Analysis Services connection and point it to your database cube.
  • Edit the SSAS processing task and go to Proccessing Settings
  • Add the objects you want to proccess

I usually put two Analysis Services Prossecing Tasks - one for all the dimensions and another for the entire cube -

Now connect to the Intergration services on MSsQL management studio and add your project to the packages.

Follow this link to see how you can schedule via the MsSQL agent the SSIS Package.

And you are done!

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