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My requirement is attach PDF file to email and open with default mail client(like outlook or windows live mail) using C# code.

This should be done with default e-mail client that the user has configured as their default.

I checked MAPI to this. However still i couldn't found proper code to do this

This is the code i used

 MailMessage message = new MailMessage();
        Attachment data = new Attachment(file, MediaTypeNames.Application.Octet);
        ContentDisposition disposition = data.ContentDisposition;
        disposition.CreationDate = System.IO.File.GetCreationTime(file);
        disposition.ModificationDate = System.IO.File.GetLastWriteTime(file);
        disposition.ReadDate = System.IO.File.GetLastWriteTime(file);
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This question has been answered here stackoverflow.com/questions/20328598/… –  Williwyg Sep 1 at 16:27

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Try below code :

List<System.Net.Mail.Attachment> lstAttachment = new List<System.Net.Mail.Attachment>(); 
if (File.Exists(AttachmentFilePath))//AttachmentFilePath is path of attachment   
   PDF = new System.Net.Mail.Attachment(AttachmentFilePath);
   PDF.Name = "DEMO_PDF.pdf";
   objMailer.Attachments = lstAttachment;//objMailer is mail client object.
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That will not open the default email client –  nunespascal Jan 22 '13 at 4:56

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