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We want to get some private repositories from Github into our development server. This works:

ssh -vT


git clone 'ssh:// -v' '/var/www/api/shared/vendor/'

doesn't work. It gives a Permission denied (publickey) error.

I'm using Composer to download the repositories.

Any idea on why it's not working?

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You're not specifying the git user in your git clone command, whereas you did in the ssh command.

git clone

If you have trouble with this still, then you can set GIT_TRACE=1 and re-run the command to see exactly what it is doing. More likely, you'll want to find an ssh command that fails and run it with the -v option to see why authentication is failing (wrong key, etc). Make sure you run both commands in the exact same environment.

More help is available at Github.

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exactly, if I manually add git@ it works. Then, I have to talk with the developers from Composer to see why git user is not being used. – fesja Jan 22 '13 at 6:45

you can ssh-keygen ,copy your ~/.ssh/ content to github Deploy keys

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