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I am extracting file names from one command it returns many file names and i am putting them into one file code :

echo `find ${FILE_SYSTEM}/${dir_name}/${sub_dir_name} -type f -size +${BADFILES_SIZE} -exec ls -1lutr {} \; | sort -rn | awk '{print $9}'` >> Somefile.txt

The problem here is that i am not getting file names on each line. Its giving two filenames on 1 line. But i want to have each filename on 1 line.

Eg :

/informatica/ETD/PC9/scripts/kamil/temp/temp1.txt /informatica/ETD/PC9/scripts/kamil/temp/temp2.txt

I am getting filenames as shown above and i want as shown below.


Please give ur suggestions,

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Replace the \; with + if your version of find supports it; it is a lot more efficient. –  Jonathan Leffler Jan 22 '13 at 5:41

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The problem is that you're using echo and backticks. Don't! The echo flattens all its arguments (a list of two files, it seems) into a single line of output.


echo `find ${FILE_SYSTEM}/${dir_name}/${sub_dir_name} -type f -size +${BADFILES_SIZE} -exec ls -1lutr {} \; | sort -rn | awk '{print $9}'` >> Somefile.txt


find ${FILE_SYSTEM}/${dir_name}/${sub_dir_name} -type f \
     -size +${BADFILES_SIZE} -exec ls -1lutr {} + |
sort -rn |
awk '{print $9}' >> Somefile.txt
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Thanks a lot jonathan its working fine. –  user955086 Jan 22 '13 at 6:27

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