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My application uses Mollom captcha on some form-based pages. Suddenly, on one server, the mollom requests are taking excessively long time to return with an image and audio url's. In the meantime, the server throws a 502 Bad Gateway or Network Error (TCP Error) in the browser. The issue lies in these lines:

MollomClient client = new MollomClient("PubKey1","PubKey2");
GetCaptchaResponse captcha = client.getImageCaptcha(null, null);

In the logs, I can see the response after 12-14 min, but thats of no use by then. And its happening only on 1 server (even there it was working fine till last week)

I rephrase. Is there a way to keep my jboss app server waiting for the response till it actually comes ?

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That is an internet issue, nothing you can do about it. – leppie Jan 22 '13 at 5:48
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Got this fixed by changing the public and private keys in my application. Looks like the mollom service was upgraded and no longer supports the older Client API

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