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I am using Revmob Framework for displaying ad banners and it's working fine.

So now my Question is that how to know programeticaly that banner is loaded or not ?

like if we are using iads then there is a method "isBannerLoaded" to check banner is loaded or not.

Actually i want to set it's frame as banner is loaded or not loaded.

so is there any method like "isBannerLoaded" in Revmob Framwork ?

Any Help will be apriciated.

Thanks !

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You need to implement the revMobDelegate and use revmobAdDidReceive:

@interface MyAdClass : NSObject <RevMobAdsDelegate>

@implementation MyAdClass
-(void) prepare {
    ad = [[[RevMobAds session] bannerView] retain];
    ad.delegate = self;
    [ad loadAd];

- (void)revmobAdDidReceive {
    NSLog(@"ad received");

You can find RevMobAdsDelegate documentation at http://sdk.revmob.com/ios-api/Protocols/RevMobAdsDelegate.html

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Hey Luis i know all Delegate methods and i am using this one right now..and this method calls when ad received. but i want to know like if you ever used iAds then there is also a delegate method and other method "isBannerLoaded". by calling this method you got banner status, loaded or not. ?? –  Sarafaraz Babi Jan 22 '13 at 13:11
and currently i am using custom solution...that took one flag for banner.and set it in delegate methods that ad received or fail. –  Sarafaraz Babi Jan 22 '13 at 13:13
This method is all you have so you need to use a flag, like you already do. Though somewhat similars, Api for iad and Revmob are a bit different. –  Luis Jan 22 '13 at 14:53

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