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How must I pass Image URLs as parameters to SSRS under context of SSL?

I am using the SSRS web service to generate and save a report and I send the image URLs of graphs used in the report as parameters. Under normal non-SSL this works 100%, but under SSL I get a timeout Soap-Exception.

I have thus far tried:

  • Non-Secured URL: Causes Timeout.
  • Secured URL: Generates Report Without Images
  • Non-Secured IP URL: Causes Timeout
  • Secured IP URL: Generates Report Without Images
  • Filesystem Path: Generates Report Without Images

Thanks in advance.

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I Found the answer to my problem. Where I create the URL for the image on the server, I had it on normal HTTP protocol, but with a secured port. So I removed the port, and it seems to work 100% in SSL.

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