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I am getting an error that i cant seem to find much documentation on.

this is a snippet of the XML.

<Department Code="LING" Chair="BL">
  <Course Number="LING180" Prerequisites="CS107 CS109" Instructors="DJ" Enrollment="60">
    <Title>From Languages to Information</Title>
      Natural language processing. Cross-listed as
      <Courseref Number="CS124"/>
  <Lecturer InstrID="DJ">
  <Professor InstrID="BL">
  <Lecturer InstrID="FZ">

and here is my DTD

<!ELEMENT Course_Catalog (Department*)>
<!ELEMENT Department (Title, Course+, Professor+, Lecturer?)>
<!ELEMENT Course (Title, Description)>
  Prerequisites IDREFS #IMPLIED
  Instructors IDREFS #REQUIRED
  Enrollment CDATA #IMPLIED>
<!ELEMENT Description (#PCDATA | Courseref)*>
<!ELEMENT Courseref EMPTY>
<!ELEMENT Professor (First_Name, Middle_Initial?, Last_Name)>
<!ELEMENT Lecturer (First_Name, Middle_Initial?, Last_Name)>
<!ELEMENT First_Name (#PCDATA)>
<!ELEMENT Middle_Initial (#PCDATA)>
<!ELEMENT Last_Name (#PCDATA)>

the error that i am getting two errors that have to do with each other the first is

 parser error : xmlParseElementDecl: 'EMPTY', 'ANY' or '(' expected

and the next

 parser error : Content error in the external subset

which are a little vague but i think it has to do with the ID's and IDREFS. as you can see that lecturers and professors both have the same ID pointer reference . the Department attribute Chair and Course attribute Instructors both point to the InstrID. and the Course ELEMENT both references to other Courses through Prerequisites and are referenced to via Courseref with in the Description . as you can see there is a lot being passed around. even though i know through DTD's you cant really restrict what ID is being refferenced as long as there is something there.

but i cant figure out this error am i placing them in a wrong order or are my ID-IDREFS wrong?? any help would be great

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Does the error message identify a line in the DTD? –  Jim Garrison Jan 22 '13 at 6:25
Tagging as homework since this is from the Stanford "Introduction to Databases" course. (There's also a forum for the course that can be used for assistance. This might help others in the course that are having the same issue(s). class2go.stanford.edu/db/Winter2013/forums) –  Daniel Haley Jan 22 '13 at 16:22

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<!ELEMENT Courseref Course IDREF #REQUIRED> 

This should be an ATTLIST and not an ELEMENT

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i am going to so sit in a dark room and never come out.. like as soon as i read it i face palmed myself! thanks you rock socks –  TheLegend Jan 22 '13 at 6:32
Hey, it happens to all of us more often than we'd like to admit :-) –  Jim Garrison Jan 22 '13 at 6:33

im doing the same exercise, and finally I got to finish.. I can see a mistake at single view, this is:

 Department (Title, Course+, Professor+, Lecturer?)

I made it this way:

Department (Title,Course*,(Professor|Lecturer)*)

because you can have: A title(1), A course(0..n), Professor or lecturer (0..n alternately)

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If a deparement does not have a single teacher or course, then it's not much of a department, is it? Department (Title, Course+, (Professor | Lecturer )+ ) seems the way to go, but both would validate the given XML. –  Dmitri Jan 16 at 1:21

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