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how could i create a drawing canvas that can create an ellipse based on the mouse coordinates? here's my code on jsfiddle (i'm still new to this one) :


here's my code to draw the ellipse (line 59):

var x, y, width, height;
        //var rect;

        //Math.min untuk mencari nilai terkecil dari 2 parameternya
        x = Math.min(event.clientX, lastX);
        y = Math.min(event.clientY, lastY);

        //Math.abs buat bikin nilai negatif jadi positif
        width = event.clientX - lastX;
        height = event.clientY - lastY;

        if(rect_drawed == 0){
            rect = new Kinetic.Ellipse({
                x: x,
                y: y,
                    x: width,
                    y: height
                stroke: 'black',
                strokeWidth: 4,
                fill: 'blue',
                name: 'rect'+rect_counter
            rect_drawed = 1;

            /*rect.on('click', function(){
            x: width / 2,
            y: height / 2

so, when i execute the code, it will result to an error..chrome's console said : Uncaught Error: INDEX_SIZE_ERR: DOM Exception 1 on kinetic.js:29

what went wrong with my code?

Best Regards,

Luki R Rompis

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Looking at your code,

    width = event.clientX - lastX;
    height = event.clientY - lastY;

You are allowing width and height to be negative, which throws your DOM exception.

Make it:

    width = Math.abs(event.clientX - lastX);
    height = Math.abs(event.clientY - lastY);

http://jsfiddle.net/HSdgT/3/ This link replicates your error.

http://jsfiddle.net/HSdgT/4/ This link is with the error gone.

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